About the Balai Raya category

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This category is meant to be a safe space for anyone to open a public discussion on any issues regarding anything that is deemed appropriate by other members of Hoojah community. We would like to encourage everyone to discuss community-related issues that are appropriate to be discussed as if we are in a real Balai Raya :slight_smile:

Here are the rules for this category:

  1. All new topics must be reviewed by Hoojah moderators before it is approved for public discourse.
  2. Please refrain from discussing any sensitive topics, unless you strongly feel that it is absolutely necessary. Please also refer to Rule no. 1.
  3. :thinking: … … .
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dah 2 tahun tak beraya dan taknak pergi balai. :laughing:

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sebab tu aku buat balai raya virtual! :wink: