How can you help?

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Let’s start with the Why:

  1. Hoojah is a non-profit entity built on top of open source technologies.
  2. Hoojah has no income yet, therefore is unable to employ paid staff.
  3. Hoojah is funded and managed by one (1) person at the moment.
  4. Hoojah is for Malaysia :malaysia:

Hoojah is looking for contributors & volunteers to help in the following areas:

  1. Web development
  • there’s a lot of components needed to be connected for the ecosystem to work
  • privacy and security is a big deal
  1. Community moderation
  • help maintain peace within the ecosystem
  • help keep conversations going
  • help Hoojah determine future plans
  1. Translations
Malay (ms)

Tamil (ta)

Chinese Traditional (zh-TW)

please let us know if you want to work on translating other languages

  1. Graphic design

  2. Monetary investment

  • maintain infrastructure to keep hoojah online
  • bounty for people to help take things off hoojah’s todo list
  • other admin/ legal fees

Other than that, you will always be helping Hoojah stay alive just by using the ecosystem.

Start a new discussion or curate a content that you care deeply about. Respond to another person’s question. :heart: or :bookmark: a topic that you like. Or just read stuff here.

Check this out if you are not sure what to do :grinning: