Welcome to Hoojah

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Hoojah is an online ecosystem for Malaysians to engage in thoughtful discussions, understand different points of view, and help with collaborative decision-making.

Imagine doing everything that you are doing in Facebook and WhatsApp, just without Facebook collecting data of Malaysians.

The Hoojah ecosystem comprises of these main principles:

  1. Transparency through open source technologies and democratic decision making
  2. Help people connect and local businesses grow by making technology more accessible to everyone
  3. Educate Malaysians to normalise making data driven decisions

The Hoojah ecosystem is divided into these main layers:

  1. Hoojah:Bual/Borak:thinking: - social messaging app based on Telegram
  2. Hoojah:Bincang - community platform based on Discourse
  3. Hoojah:BalaiRaya - a news aggregator website that pulls content from Bincang (primarily from the Balai Raya category) as well as other sources from the internet
  4. Hoojah:Bina - API services to integrate other applications or services with Hoojah
    • payment API to connect to local payment services
    • Single Sign On across the ecosystem
    • integration with applications developed locally
  5. Hoojah:Bufet:joy: - analytic dashboard to consume data from Bincang and Bina’s databases

Welcome! My name is Rudzainy, and I’m the person who started Hoojah.

Please use this space to ask anything about Hoojah, or even to just say hi :grinning::wave: