Why @rudzainy started Hoojah

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My intention for building Hoojah is for Malaysia to have its own nationwide social community ecosystem. Currently, people in Malaysia spend most of their time online on social media platforms, primarily WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. These tools of technologies helps people connect and enables business to find customers from anywhere around the world, especially by small and medium businesses.

However, over the years these corporations that owns those respective social media platforms has grown too big. It is my personal opinion that no single profit driven private business should have that much control of a nation’s data and economy. The worst thing about this is that, in the case of Malaysian general population, people are willingly feeding data to these corporations without fully understanding the impact of those collective actions towards their own future, and ultimately the future of Malaysia.

TikTok? Well it’s is worse than you thought…

What is Hoojah?

Hoojah is

  • bincang.hoojah.my is built on top of discourse, platform yg memang dah ade features untuk civilised discussion
  • open source ecosystem. hoojah ni fungsi dia mcm gomen je, administer and maintain the technology. sebab hoojah ni open source, semua benda akan transparent (maybe annual corporate financial report pun aku akan publish publicly :crazy_face:)
  • the community (aka rakyat malaysia) yang akan tentukan ape features yg ada dalam hoojah, ultimately ape yg akan jadi dengan hoojah. kalau hoojah dies out, it will be because rakyat malaysia dah tak perlukan hoojah lagi dah
  • user verification utk rakyat malaysia (maybe boleh verify non-malaysians pakai passport or any other digital id jugak), therefore the space will be a more trusted space compared to social media

So should Malaysians quit other social media platforms and move entirely to Hoojah?

In my honest opinion, no.

  • Although Hoojah will have features similar to other social media platforms, my intention is for people to discuss things that matters to Malaysia here in Hoojah
  • i know a lot of malaysians including myself who are living globally through the internet. vice versa, there are also people living outside of malaysia who connects with people in malaysia on a regular basis
  • there are plenty of social media platforms to choose from depending on what kind of communication system we prefer. and they are very good at what they do
  • although people from other nationalities can register an account using other accepted personal identity options other than a mykad, hoojah is intended to be used locally, but consumed globally

How Hoojah will sustain itself financially

At this point in time, Hoojah Enterprise is a business registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia. This initiative is currently fully self-funded (with help from close family members and friends as well as random people in Malaysia :malaysia:).

the cost of running hoojah at this present moment:

  • domain
  • cloud hosting
  • dns management

Hoojah will never become a for-profit entity - set up a foundation - transition Hoojah into an NGO.

Hoojah will be funded by donations only. A foundation will be set up to manage the money (if you can help with this sort of things, please let me know yah :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:) including opex and capex, other ngo related activities and anything else that will be decided in the future, in the domain of protecting the safety and security of Malaysia online.

Hoojah is open to early stage investments from any party, in any form that we are allowed to by law. However at this point of time, I can only allow limited returns on monetary investments to keep in alignment of Hoojah’s value above.

How can people benefit from Hoojah?

  1. We can build and priorities whatever features that is important to the people in Malaysia.
  2. You can make money from from Hoojah like you can with Facebook. Difference is, we don’t charge anything. Payment gateways will charge for their services, courier services will charge also, you some more pay for your internet access. Hoojah will not charge for our services.
  3. As long as one person from Malaysia funds Hoojah, it will serve Malaysia :malaysia:

Why people should invest, trust or even take interest in Hoojah?

  1. Hoojah is build by Malaysians for Malaysia :malaysia:
  2. Transparent management and decision making practices (public town halls, publish financial statements, welcomes independent audit)
  3. You tell us what features to build, we discuss openly and make decisions together :fist_right::fist_left:

I am still figuring out how to make this work, so if you have any ideas on how to use Hoojah to help make a better Malaysia, post it here and we can discuss further. You can also reach out to me personally of you prefer :blush: